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petsIt was a bit of pipe dream that came into fruition over a few beverages at a local pub, a City of Bath survey and a “For Rent” sign being taped to a window, all within a two week period.

Both Regan and Sarah had dogs at the time, and were driving either 24 miles north, or 30 miles south to get good dog food. (Many top brand pet foods are only sold to independent retailers over the big box stores.) The City of Bath has an abundance of dog owners, so if they were driving all that way, other people had to be as well.

Regan had wanted to do something like this ever since living in New Hampshire 8 years prior. She was burned out from coaching swimming and teaching elementary school, so she packed up and headed back to Maine with her Yellow Lab, Murphy. Shortly after moving back, the City of Bath came out with a survey asking what people here wanted most, and the top two requests were a Pet Supply store and an Ice Cream Shop. 3 days after the survey came out, she drove by 176 Front Street as Jane Morse was hanging a “For Rent” sign. The rest is history.

Sarah comes from a Finance/Human Resources background, and was working for the State of Maine and commuting to Augusta daily from Bath. She and Regan had been good friends for 20 years and thought the idea of opening a small Pet Supply Shop sounded “fun”. She, luckily, agreed to be the finance piece of the operation, with Regan being primarily the front of the house person.

Sadie is Sarah’s daughter, and has played an instrumental role in the growth of the shop as well. She is currently enrolled in the radiology program at Southern Maine, and works on holidays and weekends.

The purpose has always been to provide people with good, quality foods for their dogs, cats and small animals in an easy going and fun atmosphere. Foods sold do not contain any corn, soy, wheat, by-products or other cheap fillers. The same goes for the selection of canned foods and treats. In addition to dry and wet foods, there are three large freezers for various raw foods. There is also a large assortment of toys and accessories to browse through. The store has built it’s inventory around the needs and wants of the customers, and by doing so has grown exponentially in it’s first 4 years of business.

Wags & Whiskers offers great service in a friendly environment, where your pets are always welcome to pop in and visit.

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